Freecell Solitaire


Freecell Solitaire is a classic card game that is so widely popular around the world that it has been recreated in digital form hundreds of times. The advantages of the electronic version are pretty self-explanatory: you don’t even have to own a deck of cards in order to enjoy it – simply click Start and begin sorting through the spread automatically generated by the computer.

In the world of Solitaire Freecell is one of the most iconic versions of the game. The goal is to sort the cards into four neat piles by suit and number from lowest to highest. The cards in the spread can only be moved if they have a lower value and a different color: a red 2 goes on a black 3. There are also four free cells available at the top left corner – that’s where the name comes from. Use these cells if you run out of moves in the spread.

The signature Freecell Solitaire green felt is very familiar to Windows users who used to play this game as one of the programs that came pre-installed with some of the versions of the famous OS. Because of that there are many free Freecell Solitaire interpretations available online today so that anyone could enjoy their favorite pastime on any device imaginable.

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